About me

Nice to meet you – I am Désirée

Connecting with people on a deep level has always been natural for me. My wish to understand, empathise and interact with others and to question the world around me is an intrinsic part of who I am.

As an integrative therapist, I’ve had a rather unique journey. Previous career experiences helped me understand the importance of emotional support for mental health and well-being. I delved back into psychology studies and qualified in diverse therapeutic models.

I work with my heart. I connect with my clients, and they in turn connect with me, themselves, and others. Certain clients seek therapy to deal with one issue. Others come to therapy in a cloud of darkness and pain. Practically all come out the other side – into the light.

I cherish the relationships I have as a professional with my clients.


My approach

I am an integrative therapist, meaning I combine different types of therapy models and I offer bespoke therapy. This includes a person-centred approach that places a strong emphasis on client autonomy that empowers clients.

I believe certain individuals had to adopt strategies in early childhood to survive their unsafe environments. As adolescents and adults, they retained these mechanisms that only damage them, their relationships and their quality of life.

I help clients to let go of these old ways, and mindfully embrace living life in the present. My role is not to fix clients, but rather to illuminate healthier behaviours.

I support all my clients in the worthiest objective: learning, accepting and live by their own personal truth.

My speciality

I specialise in Addiction Recovery, Trauma-Informed Therapy, Relationship Therapy and Family Dynamics.

A unique aspect of my practice is my proficiency in four languages—English, French, Spanish, and Greek—allowing me to connect with clients from diverse linguistic backgrounds.

I approach my work with compassion and love. I am relational with my clients, recognising their courage. Regardless of the initial reason for seeking therapy, my goal is to guide individuals toward the light, all the while affirming their courage and wish to live a better life. – a joyous life.

If you are in search of a supportive therapist who will walk alongside you, actively listen and respond to your needs, and provide guidance on your journey—whether to address trauma, navigate relationships, or work through other challenges—I invite you to reach out.

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