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I help people on part of their life journey. The relationship with clients begins with a simple connection. I feel empathy and admiration for potential clients who approach me. Because just to consider therapy requires strength, courage and self-awareness. And committing to therapy? Now that is an exciting journey clients are embarking on with me alongside them. 

On this journey, you the client set the pace, and I validate and support you. Your safety and well-being are the first priority in the therapeutic process. Your needs are also important, and we work together to attain your therapeutic goals. In my practice, I weave together various therapeutic methodologies, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), somatic work, person-centred therapy and trauma reduction workshops. This multidisciplinary approach ensures  a bespoke empathetic therapeutic experience. Take the first step in this journey today.

Therapy offers you a personal path to healing. A personal adventure of self-discovery, with an increase of self-awareness and self-compassion. You will have at your disposal my professional expertise and my  commitment to your care and well-being. Your wants, needs and goals are crucial to me – I listen and address them wholeheartedly. My approach to mental health care is truly holistic, and the combination of my passion for therapy with the unconditional care for my clients results in a uniquely special therapeutic experience.

Désirée Kogevinas

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Connecting hearts worldwide

Experience therapy without borders, whether you are seeking individual therapy, couples therapy, family therapy, group therapy or therapy for adolescents (13+) who are dealing with family issues, bullying or addiction. While locally available in Geneva and London, I work online, ensuring worldwide accessibility. I also offer home-based therapy. Part of my joy is also referring  to my global network of other mental health professionals, as appropriate. Examples include child psychologists (12 year-olds and younger), treatment centres and holistic wellness centres.  They offer additional services to those I do, such as DBT, EMDR and hypnosis.

Why Choose Me

Each therapist is unique and the client needs to find the right one for them. I am guided by my professional expertise, my personal values and my heartfelt dedication.

My background, enriched by diverse experiences, has shaped my holistic approach to mental health. Having served at the World Health Organization, I recognized the pivotal role that emotional support has in mental health and well-being. This motivated me to delve deeper into the study of mental health and trauma reduction under the tutelage of the esteemed trauma expert, Chris John. My work is no longer a job, it is a purpose, a passion, a desire to give back what was so freely given to me. I attempt to do it, the Désirée way.

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